After effects customization services

If you need after effects templates customization for any reason (you don’t have after effects, or you don’t have required after effects version, or you don’t have plugins which are used in the project), please contact me and customization will be completed in 0-3 days depending of project complexity and render time.

In order to avoid all possible misunderstandings between you and me, please provide me with all the information about your needs – exactly which text, slogans, images and/or videos you want to have in the final video…
Provide me technical details for your final video: resolution, file format, and compression.

If you’re not sure about details I can suggest them to you:

  • quick time, h264, full HD 1920×1080 for best quality (looks fantastic at big full HD tv screens), or
  • mp4, h264, 1280×720 if you need the best quality for video hosting sites like Youtube, etc… or for social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.
  • if you want the video for web, but not to play in full screen (just like videos on this website), lower resolution 960×540 (half of full HD), or 640×360 (third of full HD) will be really enough

In customization, price is NOT included the price of Videohive item.
You have to purchase the project from Videohive.

Feel free to contact me for any questions you have, from my videohive profile page or from the contact page on this website.