After effects projects and footages

Here on I’m promoting my items which I’m selling on Videohive, and there are some projects and packs which you can buy directly here through 2checkout.
Update: Currently I’m using PayPal.

VideoHive projects and footages:

When the author submits an item to, staff determines the price. You can see all my after effects projects uploaded to Videohive here, or click on buy now button with Videohive icon to see the price for a particular item.
All my projects on Videohive costs from $6 to $37.
Everything about licensing you can find here.
Shortly: there are regular and extended licenses.
Both licenses give you permission for one item usage – one final product, for example, the same intro for all your youtube videos.
The extended license is required only if the final product is not free to watch, vimeo on demand, DVD for sale, websites with the fee for access to videos, etc…

Projects and footages hosted on

I’m trying to make the prices as lowest as possible.
Simple and short projects like logo reveal costs about $5-10, more advanced projects like intros and video galleries cost about $15-20.
Projects packs contain more projects and the final price is much lower than how much all projects in pack cost. I’m trying to offer the lowest possible price, something like $15 for the pack which contains 4-5 items.

Free projects and footages.

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