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  1. Tom Rosey says:

    unable to get the link as well have tweeted 3 times G+ and pinned it. No Button. Have not got any of the links from this site to work. Last one Had problems with was a 3d christmas project and wrote and got no responce on that message. Discouraged on this site

  2. Adam says:

    G+ recommended, no link given, little help? Thanks! 🙂

  3. no download link dude :/

  4. Rainerita says:

    Hello! Congratulations! It´s really a wonderful work! But… I clicked on Like but I haven´t seen the download button. Can You help me? I am from Brazil, please forgive me if I wrote something wrong.

  5. Steinmetz says:

    Shared it on g+, no link to download

  6. Giorgio Sferra says:

    How do you download this thing? I keep pressing the download link and it takes me back to the main page. I’ve liked this on facebook already. Still no link to download. What’s up with this?

  7. prasad says:

    subscribed it in g+….no download link get this…

  8. Tom Seilerski says:

    I like your work. I liked your Facebook page and no download link appeared!

  9. Matthew says:

    Looks like the link mechanism is broken on Safari. That’s gotta be frustrating for you.

  10. Matthew says:

    Link doesn’t work.

  11. i like it on fb and i cant’t dowload it

  12. ABHISHEK PAWAR says:


  13. Henric Ehrenblad says:

    no link despite liking…

  14. dominic oneill says:

    great work man. ive liked but i havent got a download link?

  15. Nick Benard says:

    Great work, though I can’t download the project

  16. Nick Benard says:

    Haven’t gotten the download link yet

  17. Nicolas Haroutiounian says:

    Hello, i ca’t find the link i send you a message on your facebook profile
    Maybe you can send it to me directly because i can’t find where the link is
    Thank you very much for your awesome work

  18. marco says:

    i can’t get it please link failed

  19. andres pinilla says:

    Hi sir thanks for your reply!!
    Although I didn’t get the link..

    thanks a lot for everything

    Andres Pinilla

  20. Joe says:

    Hello chief, l shared it on G+, what should happen next? A download button should appear on this same page?

  21. Sam Fara says:

    Thanks for your effort, I liked your page but cannot get the download link, please can you send it to me by E-mail?

    Thanks again.

  22. Viditya says:

    I did’nt got the link yet…i just posted on G+

  23. Jeg says:

    Hi, I G+ but I don’t receive any download link yet. Thanks.
    Happy that you share this kind of awesome effects!

  24. hugmax says:

    i liked, shared it but the download link doesn´t show.

  25. hey the link is not working.

  26. Matt says:

    Link is not working, can I get the link?

  27. dorde says:

    Hey guys, from now download is much easier, faster and it just works! 🙂
    Just follow the download link, subscribe to the newsletter and you will get links to direct download all my freebies.
    Thank you all!

  28. Link is not working, can I get the link?

    • dorde says:

      there is no link on this page anymore.
      Just subscribe to the newsletter and when you confirm you will get direct links to all freebies.


  29. KEITA HAMED says:

    tres bien continué

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