Kinetic Typography – 3D Lyrics

Kinetic typography – 3D Lyrics – 2in1, as you can see in the preview, this item contains two projects.

Main features:

– After effects cs3 project (compatible with all newer versions)
– No plugins used and no plugins required
– v1 – 4 scenes
– v2 – 19 scenes
– Well organized compositions
– Very detailed help file, with all customization steps.
– V1 music in the preview: KLMusic, link for AJ item: Corporate Motivational Loop 2.
– V2 music in the preview: Tim McMorris, link for AJ item: Life Is Beautiful.
– Project is created in full hd 1920×1080 in 29.97fps, but you can export your video with any resolution and fps you want

Version 1 help file contains standard customization steps: how to edit texts, how to add images/music/logo, how to use controls, and how to render video in any resolution and fps.
Version 1 is very easy for customization, and every unexperienced after effects user will customize it in few minutes.

Version 2 is much complicated project if you want to sync your song/speech with text as I did it with Tim’s song “Life is Beautiful”.
Text synchronization will take some time.
Version 2 help file is very detailed:
– Introduction: an explanation of how the project is organized, and a general suggestion of how you should customize the project
– Before you start: few tips on how to make previews as fast as possible during the customization
– Import your audio file and see what to do with it
– Arrange your chosen scenes in the final composition
– Edit texts in your first and second scene, and start with 3rd one. The rest of customization process will be the same.
– Controls: adjust extrusion and extrusion quality, turn depth of field on/off, and few more minor adjustments
– Change background color
– Use 10 adjustment layers to make project looks different
– Render your video in any resolution and any frame rate

Animate your text very easy with this after effects project.
Or sync your text from song or speech.
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