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  1. This is a fantastic freebie! It looks like you worked hard on this one and it is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks man. Glad to hear that from great designer. :)
      All the best!

  2. I just saw your work am thrilling 2 learn much from you.
    Thanx for the good job done.
    I need free templates from you so I can learn more from you.
    best regards
    Eric Gladingson

    • Thanks for sharing! :)

      • where can I download this project?
        congratulations on the job!

  3. Thanks for posting this project. It looks great. Now I need to upgrade my system to get a faster render.

    • You’re welcome!
      Try without depth of field, render will be much faster.
      All the best.

  4. just do not understand why the link posted for download is the same as your page. where is the download link?

    • Hi,
      thanks for your comment.
      Link for download is on red button “Free download”.
      I provided a link to this page to let know people if they want to share the project, to share link to this page, not direct link for download or to reupload file to their site or file hosting sites.


  5. I tweeted and the link was not unlocked. Checked my twitter feed and it did tweet about it. How do I get the link to download? BTW, thanks for offering this to the public!

    • Hi Scott,
      sorry to hear that. I’ll send you a link in few minutes.


      • Thank you, Djordje!

      • I have clicked Google+, waited a while for the page to reload as you have said in other comments but I havent got a link.

        • Sorry man. It’s buggy again… :/
          I just sent you a link.
          Thanks for visiting my site.

      • hello there! I tweeted and G+ it but received nothing :( Its a really good intro and I hope u send me a link :)

  6. Hi there! I tweeted and liked on fb and the link was not unlocked. Checked my twitter feed and it did tweet about it. How do I get the link to download? thank you!!!

    • Hi,
      I don’t know what’s going on. I just sent you an email with link.

  7. I did liked too. But is not working and not showing the download link.

    • worked now thanks a lot for sharing!!

  8. Hello,

    I liked it through facebook but it doesnt seem to follow up with the download link!

    Thanks in advance – looks like a brilliant little project!

  9. Hi liked your page but there was no download link for the project.

    • Thanks for that. But to download a project you should tweet, fb like or G+ this post.
      Please try.

  10. Hello! I tweeted and it doesnt show any link, and have liked it too to try another time, but neither of the options work!

  11. I tweeted and G+ shared the link and the download will not unlock. please help

    • I sent you an email with link.

  12. i tweeted and post on facebook, but it’s still not unlocked.

  13. this is mind blowing

  14. I liked in Facebook but no link ;-/

  15. Tweeted, no download link. Whats up man? Love your work. Help me out here please!

  16. I tweeted but it’s still not unlocked.
    Plz Help!!!!

  17. I tweeted but no link.

  18. I did everything i was supposed to do. Still locked out.
    Great file though. Amazing work.

  19. I also LIKEd it on facebook as well as twitted it. Can you give me the free tutorial as you said?

    • I just sent you a link.
      Btw this is not tutorial, but project.

  20. Hello Dorde, greats freebies projects but impossible to download them ???… Let me know what’s going on… I tweet, FB Like… nothing and many thanks for your creative feelings…

    • Hi,
      I don’t know why some people can’t see the link. After like, share or g+, page reloads with link and that’s all.
      I sent you an email.


      • Hello and THX Dorde for the download link received by mail !!!
        I’m on Firefox 26.0 … Who knows
        THX again

  21. I twitted, Liked and Shared on G+, but I can’t still download it.

  22. Bravo
    This is Impressive :)

  23. THX a lot Dorde !!!
    I like it a lot !

  24. I dont see the link

    • I sent you a link.

      @others: Just like or tweet or g+ and wait few seconds, when the page reloads, link will be visible. That’s all…

  25. I still do’nt get the Link! please help sir! ..btw..nice project thanks!

  26. @all who are receiving email notifications for new comments:
    I think I solved the problem with “like/tweet to download” plugin.
    Please guys try it and reply to this comment if it works.
    So just like or tweet, wait few seconds for page to reload, and check if there is link for download.
    This is how download button looks http://aedorde.com/images/icons/free_download.png
    Feel free to delete tweet or to unlike this post. My wish is not to get more likes or tweets, but only feedback if this finally works now with no problems.


  27. I just like & g+, but there isn’t download link, how do i download this free project?

  28. Finaly there is download button, thx alot!

  29. shared it and still no download link? Thanks

    • got it, button came up thanks!

      • Great! I already sent you link, and few seconds later I saw new comment. :)

  30. I liked and tweeted but don’t see download link?


  31. Link came up after comment left


  32. hope this works

    • It works. All you need is after effects cs3 or any newer version…

  33. I’m also having issues with the download across 2 browsers.

  34. Jo, very nice Intro Template! Am i allowed to se it for my YouTube Channel Videos as Intro?

    • Hi,
      yes, feel free to use it for your intro on youtube.


  35. Hey, Tweeted, Liked and +1 still not DL link, can you send me it please?

  36. Hi, love your work. Tried sharing it via Twitter but unfortunately the link is not presented. Can you email the link? Thanks a million,

  37. i liked it on fb but still no link, mind send it please

  38. yo can i use this for a youtube intro for my channel

  39. i G+ it and still cant see the download

  40. Hi Dorde,

    i liked this share but still can’t be downloaded. please help, thanks.

    • Looks like that the bug woke up again :(
      Never mind, I just sent you a link for download.

  41. Hi, just tweeted, liked and g+ but no link to download
    please help

  42. Hi,

    I liked it through facebook but it doesnt seem to follow up with the download link!

    Thanks in advance!

  43. This is awesome…tweeted, liked and g+ but no link.

    Please help, thanks!

  44. It’s awesome!
    I tweeted, liked, and g+ but the link still locked.
    Help, please?


    • It’s buggy sometimes. Just tried, and it works, tomorrow maybe will be buggy again. :/
      Link sent. Thanks for visiting my site. :)

      @all Hope you guys don’t mind because the link is locked. Project is free and I want for this project is like or tweet, instead of money :)

  45. I’ve done all three to get the download link; seems people need to leave a comment before it pops up?

    • Yup. Needed to comment first.

      • Regarding to email just sent you: I see your comment now.
        Comment is not condition to download free file, only tweet or like. But plugin I’m using is little buggy :(
        Anyway, just in case I sent you a link.
        Thanks for visiting my website.

  46. I’ve liked and g+ but the download link not show up ?? Help me pls.

    • Hi, I just sent you a link. Thanks for visiting my site, and sorry for the bug with locked link.


  47. I G+ like 10 times still no link, says locked.

  48. I tweeted, Liked and even google + the link but it did not unlock the download??

  49. I tweeted the link but it did not unlock the download… :(

  50. This is fantastic! Thank you so much for free project!

  51. Same thing here, no link.

  52. i liked it on fb but there is no download link :(

  53. It’s really a great project. I’m sorry but I’m going to ask you the same as all the last comments above.. I liked on Facebook but still no download link. Can you please send me the download link?
    Thanks a lot!

  54. Ops! I apologize: no link needed, the red button appeared just after the page refreshed.
    It worked: thanks again and regards

  55. no luck on seeing the red button, please send link

  56. Hi,
    Liked and G+ the post but couldn’t find the link

    Please send it :)


    • I just sent you a link.

      Thanks for visiting my website.

  57. I liked in Facebook but no link…
    Please send me a link….. :(

    • No worries. I just sent you a link.
      Thanks for visiting my website.

  58. no puedo descargar tu proyecto, ya lo tweetie y le puse me gusta

    • I suppose that you can’t download a project. I just sent you a link.

  59. HI there

    I just tweeted it but i dint unlocked. Can u please send the link?


  60. Hi,
    Very nice work, no red button at all, could you send the link?


  61. Hello, Liked and G+ the post but couldn’t find the link, Please send it

    • I just sent you a link. Thanks for download.

    GRACIAS …….!

    • Sorry, I don’t understand. In case you can’t download the project, I’m sending you a link to email.


  63. amigo o link para download não aparece, como faço para baixar?

  64. I tweeted and shared on Google+ but its didnt unlock :( Please help! Btw amazing project, Congratulations!

  65. where is the link mate ?

    • Sh… it’s buggy again :/
      I just sent you a link.
      Thanks for download.

  66. thank you

  67. LOL! Still no link appears. If it isn’t too much trouble, would you send me a link?

    Thannk you!

    • No problem. I just sent you a link.
      Thanks for download.

  68. I twitted, but I can’t still download it.

    • Sorry man. I just sent you a link.
      Thanks for download. :)

  69. I liked in but no link… Why?

    • Why? Because plugin I’m using is buggy. For me it works, and for about 2000 other people who downloaded. But more than 100 visitors can’t unlock the link. :/
      I don’t know how to fix the problem, because I don’t see it.
      No worries, I just sent you a link. :)
      Thanks for download.

  70. You know, as it happen will all the guys before, I need the link please because I tweet it and like it but nothing came out :)
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi :/
      No problem. I just sent you a link.
      Thanks for visiting my website. :)

  71. tweeted but no link (?)

  72. tweet & g no link / send pls.

    • No problem. I just sent you a link.
      Thanks for download. :)

  73. pa hvala ti 😀 btw, odlično radiš. sviđa mi se…

    • Hvala. Svrati opet, biće još free stvari. :)

  74. Thanks, this is very helpful for our non-profit and for myself with very limited (none) after effect skills. However, the download link does not appear after liking on g+.

    • I just sent you a link.
      Glad you like it. Please come again and check new projects. :)

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  76. Hi, i’m sorry to tell it doesn’t work at all on any freeby I’ve tried. But great job! fred*

  77. I just like it via google + please may i have the download link? Thank you.

    Great work btw


  79. could you send me the link to dowload. thank you

  80. I already Tweet but can’t download.. :'(

  81. Hi your project is awesome. I like it very much. But i cant download it. I try to like it by G+ many times but download button doesnt work. Please help me.

  82. HI :) is there a chance to get permission for commercial use?

  83. this is a joke have people given like and tweeting and what not just to stick it to you don’t trust these guys seriously!!!

    • After tweet or like page reloads and show the link. Sorry if it’s not working for you. I sent you a link.

  84. There is no link??? I did it all 2 times.

  85. I liked and shared on google + and I can’t see no link =(
    Could you please send it to me? :)

  86. I g+ and tweeted. page never refreshed please send link. Thanks!

  87. I tweeted the customization link but received no download link. Plz send me the linkk via email.

    Thx in advance.

    • Hi,
      sorry for late answer, I was on vacation. I just sent you a link.

  88. hey nice work ..can you send me the download link please ?!

    • I just tried, it works fine. I sent you the link…

  89. very nice work, can I have the download link ??

    • HI, just click on like button and download link will appear. :)

  90. hi can these projects be used for commercial projects are these royalty free brother

    • Hi,
      feel free to charge to your clients, but do not offer customization on fiverr and sites like that.
      I definitely need to add an option that people can pay symbolic price for more rights.
      I’ll do it soon. :)

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